Second flight in Roldanillo. Longest flight ever!!! Flew with Dave Turner taking Mark Fisher for a tandem. Dave Koskey and Peter Longlastname. Spine 1 to Left spine to Hotel Los Venitos. Into the flats towards La Victoria. Peter Kosky, and Dave/Mark landed near La Victoria and Obanda around 2.5hrs. I wondered around the middle of the valley to the north and then back to the south towards Zarzal. Landed on the east side of the valley as I watched the smoke start lean over from the west wind. Need to work on more speed bar time with less speed bar pressure. Also more dynamic hips while thermall
Leon Roullard
Roldanillo Los Tanques
5 Feb 2018 10:01
Duration : 05:30:51
Distance : 23.06 Km
Max altitude : 2516 m
Tot distance : 182.66 Km