3rd flying day in Valle de Cauco Rodanillo. Flew from Roldanillo to just north of La Union. Hung out for a bit above the hotel and watch as small groups of pilots ventured out to the east and bombed out. We decided to stay in the mountains and push north. After a pretty intense crossing of the ridges west of La Union we got out to the north peak. Climbed out head south across town. Caught the side of a piro cumulous in the middle on the way to Zarzal. 1st day pee tube. decided to land cause I had to pee. On glide into land I peed. Landed spent and relieved.4:20 was had
Leon Roullard
Roldanillo Los Tanques
6 Feb 2018 11:30
Duration : 04:25:37
Distance : 14.99 Km
Max altitude : 2630 m
Tot distance : 145.51 Km