Obj: stay up, explore a bit. W: N-NW 5-10 kph. RL fine. R to lift area, but rough and unable to get high. Messed about near TO thermals. Past S house ridge dropped fast and very turb. Half SB to get back N. Got lift and pushed along N following others. Soared up NW (R de Roux) to near top and pushed on to next face (Lanfonette). Arr btm cliff, rough air but worked up. On to Dents de Lanfon! Rough in S arr (too close in?), soared up and over (picknickers on top!). Heck, try the Petit Tour!! Sm glide. Pointed just N of ridge, no good lift. S past 2x HV lines but too low for comf. Landed out. 😀
21 September 2022 11:53
Duration 01:49:15
Max Distance 6.68 Km
Max Altitude 1874 m
Track Length 44.68 Km