Obj: stay up, explore, efficient climb. W: 5-10 kph NW RL fine. Again struggled to climb near TO, giving up after a while and as one of early went N to soar Rocher de Roux which worked. Across to Lanfonette. Sank across W gully under Roche Murraz. Struggled to top tree line just N, then kick ass 4m/s climb up face and above to inv at 2000m. 2 PG went over back, and w heli rescue on Dents, I went "Petit Tour" (first, several followed!). Arr over ridge and gradually worked. Not enough for HV pilon. Called quits and glide back to Dous via camper and beach for L. Practised pitch and wing"overs".
22 September 2022 13:07
Duration 01:45:36
Max Distance 5.56 Km
Max Altitude 2008 m
Track Length 49.5 Km